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Amendments to the 2018 Cybercrimes Act ready-PS Omollo

Interior Principal Secretary Dr. Raymond Omollo

The Ministry of Interior and National Administration is in the process of making amendments to the Computer Cybercrimes Act of 2018 in order to curb issues of scams, identity theft, hacking and internet fraud.

PS interior Dr. Raymond Omollo revealed that since the Act was passed in 2018, a lot has changed in the digital space, which is one of the reasons that have necessitated the need for the changes in the law.

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Addressing the press after meeting with the taskforce mandated to give proposals on computer and misuse and Cybercrimes Regulations, the PS said the government will be keen on employing a much more coordinated approach in dealing with Cybercrimes and sharing of data.

The task force, which comprises of two co-chairs among other members from government agencies, with expertise in Cyberspace, ICT, and digitization has already come up with draft regulations which will be subjected to a rigorous public participation exercise soon before the Parliament okays it.

Advancements on digital technologies have led to the rise of new risks that expose government and Kenyans to threats such as subversion, cyber terrorism and cyber fraud cases, with the amendments to the Act if approved by Parliament, expected to protect Kenyans, government and even businesses from such threats.

The Computer and Misuse and Cybercrimes Regulations seeks to address three key areas, which include protection measures for critical information and public infrastructure to enhance their cyber security preparedness and prioritize cyber security.

The National Computer cybercrimes coordination committee was formed about six months ago to look into the Act.

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