Annoying girlfriend/wife habits


By Evelyne Wareh

Always following up and checking up with the man

Constantly checking on a man to make sure he is fine will be sweet in the beginning but if you are still trying to make a good impression to a potential boyfriend, it might turn the man off. In the beginning, let him do it, if he is not bothered, then you know how interested he is. If it is a man you are official with, you need to act like you are still single. Not asking where he is, if the traffic is moving, when you can next meet- it becomes a turn off  like a bee constantly buzzing in your ear.

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Not understanding the concept of space

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Just because someone does not seem interested in making plans with you for one weekend does not mean that they are turned off or you need to push for it. Most people just like a lone time at times and when you sit down with some people, they do not know how to be silent- you now have to entertain them and that is where the problem comes in. Entertain someone vs. be alone without a care or worry with that regard?

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Flirting all over the place to make the man jealous

Bad move, trying to make the man see how many people want you because he is not doing enough or giving you what you want. You might get what you want and be free to entertain all those people that want you.

Trying to change him

If he is not doing it on his own it is not your job. Some people actually like the way they are; if they are not what you would like, leave them be and look for what you want. Trying to change someone to your liking backfires for most relationships.

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Telling the man he is being childish with his hobbies

Keep it to yourself.  Could think of a few hobbies that do not make sense to me but that is none of my business but his and his girlfriend. If they turn you off, just don’t be with the man. On the other hand, if they are acquired that could be tricky.

Playing the tease and leaving everything hanging…literally!

If you are not going to finish the job, that is a mean move.



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