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2024 Kuza ICT Awards launch set for Wednesday

The Communication Authority of Kenya will Wednesday (April 17) launch the 7th edition of the Kuza Awards.

The 2024 event has been expanded to include the ICT sector with more categories to award the respective licensees.

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Under the theme ‘Innovation for a sustainable digital future’ the award ceremony will consider licensees who stand out in technological advancements, compliance with regulations, driving environmental awareness, societal progress, digital inclusion and economic growth.

The Authority’s Director General David Mugonyi will launch both the ICT Week and the 2024 ICT Awards at Sarova Stanley Hotel in Nairobi.


Voting for the various categories will be open to the public from Thursday 17th April to 17th May.

A thorough verification process by a committee and judges will precede a gala dinner that will be held on 7th June to unveil the winners.

“This will be a culmination of the ICT week that will be held on the 5th and 6th of June through panel sessions, plenaries and exhibitions curated for stakeholders and licensees” said CA in a statement.

A new category to recognize content creators was for the first time introduced last year.


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