Anti-counterfeit Agency investigating two firms over patent claims

By by Jeremiah Ogola

The Anti-counterfeit Agency has launched investigations into allegations of property rights infringement between two local firms.

Alumin Agency is accusing Biba of allegedly using its pole advertising structure without consent. Anti-counterfeit Agency officer Mourine  Akinyi says they are going to investigate the matter and thereafter forward it to court.


According Alumin Agency the company is the duly registered owner of the utility model invention dubbed Pole Advertising Structure which it is now accusing Biba, a local advertising firm of using without consent.

Alumin Agency claims Biba has refused to withdraw setting –up of illegal pole advertising structure despite calls to.

The Anti-counterfeit Agency now says it is going to investigate the matter and thereafter forward it to court.

Akinyi says if found guilty, Biba will be charged three times the value of  the cost of advertising Alumin would have incurred.

The Agency warns companies of using other people’s patents without seeking consent first.

Biba has however maintained that it has already settled the license fee for the advertising structure with the city council authorities.




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