Apps that make an impact on the world

Performing acts of charity is now at the tap of your finger.

As things stand right now, the world is a scary place. We’ve got pandemics going on, people starving to death, poverty, not to mention climate change. Sometimes you feel you should be doing something about all this but do not know where to start. It turns out there are many small ways you can make a positive impact on the world and one of them is through your mobile phone.

Here are a couple of apps that you can download that can assist in charity work and help you stay socially involved.

  1. Charity Miles

Charity Miles: Walking & Running Distance Tracker - Apps on Google ...

This is a fitness tracker app that empowers people to donate to charity when they walk, run or cycle. It tracks your movements and donates money to your chosen charity with every mile you accomplish. So far, it’s raised over US$2 million for charity.

  1. Freerice

10 Grains of Rice Donated for Every Correct Answer -- Play, Learn ...

This is an app that allows players to donate rice to families in need by playing a multiple-choice quiz game. For every question the user answers correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated via the United Nation’s World Food Programme.

  1. Ecosia

You Can Help Plant Trees Just By Surfing The Internet With Ecosia ...

This is a search engine that uses the profit made from searches to plant trees where they are needed most. You can add it as an extension to your Google chrome or Firefox browser. So far they have planted 99,000,000 trees.

  1. Feedie

Feedie App Turns Food Photos Into Charitable Giving - ABC News

This is an app that provides meals to disadvantaged school children. Every time a user takes a photo of a meal at a participating restaurant and shares it with his or her social network through the app, Feedie donates 25 cents to a Lunchbox Fund.

  1. ShareTheMeal

About us ? ShareTheMeal

This is an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) that enables people to “share their meals” with children in need. It costs just US$ 0.50 to feed one child for a day. Through different app features, ShareTheMeal gives its community the ability to connect both with the impact of their donations and with their friends and family.

  1. Doingly

Doingly – make your productivity count!

Doingly is an app that helps you focus better whilst raising money on your behalf for charities in need. The more you focus on a task the more money you raise for a cause of your choice.


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