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APTAK roots for mandatory pension savings for all employees


The Association of Pension Trustees and Administrators of Kenya (APTAK) is advocating for mandatory pension savings for all citizens to ensure financial security and stability for individuals in their retirement years.

Speaking at the APTAK 3rd International Annual Conference held in Mombasa, association’s President Hosea Kili emphasized the importance of mandatory pension saving, noting that just as saving for affordable housing through the housing levy and mandatory medical cover have been successfully implemented, it is crucial to advocate for compulsory pension savings.

The 3-day conference under the theme “Navigating the Nexus of Sustainability and Social Equity in Pension Investments” highlighted pension funds’ critical role in building a stronger, more equitable future for Kenyans.

The conference brought together pension trustees, administrators, regulators, investment professionals, and policymakers to discuss critical issues impacting the sustainability and resilience of Kenya’s pension sector.

“The 3rd Annual APTAK Conference has been a resounding success, as stewards of pension funds, we must adopt a more holistic approach to our investment strategies and navigate the complexities of sustainable investing. This conference has not only sparked meaningful dialogues but also spurred collaborative action towards nurturing a more sustainable and inclusive future.” he added.

Among notable resolutions to emerge from the conference included the establishment of a group investment committee to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with key stakeholders such as Fund Managers Associations, APTAK, NSE, CMA, and RBA.

Haniel Mengistu
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