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Aquila East Africa admitted to Advertising Practioners Association

The criteria emphasize financial operations and professional development

Aquila East Africa has been admitted into the Advertising Practitioners Association (APA), Kenya’s premium advertising industry association.

As the country’s custodian of advertising, the APA not only enforces advertising standards through adherence to a code of conduct, but it also promotes for professionalism among its members.

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It also aims to acknowledge the use of creative excellence in the way brands and enterprises communicate.

Kester Shimonyo-CEO Aquila East Africa

This is the latest achievement for Aquila East Africa, who obtained certification from the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) in 2022.

The award-winning agency, which has over ten years of experience in strategic brand building and marketing communications, is now poised to compete for market share with other established agencies in the country.

However, Aquila East Africa, like all other8 accredited agencies, has to go through APA’s stringent criteria procedure.

Aquila East Africa Director Kester Shimonyo Muhanji believes the company, which has been dubbed a game changer, is now well positioned to deliver solutions that exceed expectations as a trusted partner for SMEs and large global companies in Africa.

Shimonyo claims that the APA certification will help them design successful campaigns that match the individual demands of their clients in addition to brand development and product launches.

“Aquila East Africa is now a game changer not only in Kenya, but also in East Africa and, eventually, throughout Africa.” This APA is a significant accomplishment for us.

“As an MSK and APA-accredited advertising and marketing agency, we aim to make sure our clients look attractive and get the attention of their target audience.”asserted Shimonyo

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