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Archbishop Ole Sapit asks Kenya Kwanza, Azimio to stop hardlines


The Archbishop of Kenya, Jackson Ole Sapit, has once again reiterated his concerns and called on the political groups Kenya Kwanza and Azimio to adopt more moderate positions as they begin their talks.

Sapit demanded an end to the political rallies that have been taking place in the country, acknowledging that there has been some progress towards normalcy as the opposition agreed to halt their demonstrations and engage in dialogue.

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In addition to calling for moderation and an end to rallies, Archbishop Sapit also directed his message to President Ruto and Raila Odinga, urging them to participate in the talks.

He expressed disappointment that politics continues to dominate the national landscape even after elections have concluded. 

Sapit emphasised that the elected leaders should prioritise serving the electorate instead of engaging in continuous political rallies.

The Archbishop made these remarks during the consecration ceremony of Assistant Bishop James Kiranga Kamura at ACK St. Andrew’s Church in Thika. 

Bishop Kamura’s appointment as an assistant to the Presiding Bishop of Thika Diocese, Prof. Julius Wanyoike.

The Archbishop’s call for a shift away from political rallies and a focus on serving the nation is intended to encourage elected leaders to prioritise the needs and welfare of the citizens they represent.

By engaging in talks and finding common ground, the political groups and leaders can work towards resolving the nation’s challenges and working towards a better future for all Kenyans.


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