Assessing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Second Term record

    Written By: Meshack Ojiambo

    The president had the highest approval rating at 76 percent

    President Uhuru Kenyatta has been at the forefront in driving forward his agenda for the country almost a year after he was re-elected with a lot of emphasis on the Big4Agenda.

    He has since reconciled with NASA leader Raila Odinga who he is said to talk to and meet regularly in the spirit of the handshake witnessed early in the year.

    The past 18 months may have been hectic and must have taken their toll especially after a rigorous campaign period following and the repeat election following the ruling of the Supreme Court.

    I believe Uhuru will look back on the first portion of his second term with satisfaction. For this has been a time of unprecedented action – in promoting peace and unity, pursuing ambitious social and economic goals, and in the fight against corruption.

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    The first step was peace. It is easy to forget now but the election period was so fractured, so divisive, that Kenyans had ceased coexisting in harmony and were sharply divided along tribal lines.

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    President Uhuru’s wise and thoughtful leadership managed to guide us through one of the most difficult periods in our history. He ignored the voices calling for an aggressive response to the demands of the opposition, and instead charted a conciliatory course that ultimately led to the handshake with Raila earlier this year.

    Since then, the two erstwhile rivals have been charting a joint course to build peace and unity in Kenya and Kenyans can now look forward to years of peace and unity.

    In his Jamhuri day speech last year, Uhuru outlined a bold and ambitious second term agenda, dubbed the ‘Big Four Agenda.’’

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    It includes building 500,000 affordable homes, increase manufacturing to 20% of GDP, achieve universal health coverage and ensure food security for every Kenyan.

    The plan represents the most concrete and visionary development strategy we have seen in recent years, perhaps in all of Africa.

    The signs of progress are there for everyone to see. A sizeable piece of the budget has been redirected towards these lofty goals,

    In addition, seven major housing projects are to be launched in August, the number of Kenyans with health coverage continues to spiral after the success of the first term, and the manufacturing sector is already beginning to pick up, creating jobs.

    But it is perhaps in the realm of fighting corruption that we can see the biggest signs of progress. Immediately after his second term victory, President Uhuru made it clear that the fight against graft would be handled without fear of favour.

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    He passed a raft of legislation designed to tilt the scales in the favour of law enforcement bodies fighting graft and against those looting public coffers.

    These measures included stricter rules surrounding tenders, polygraph tests for procurement officers and a lifestyle audit for all public servants, including himself.

    This has been supported by the revitalization of the anti-corruption bodies galvanized by new, energetic leadership, which has in turn led to the arrests and charging of dozens of senior officials over corruption allegations.

    President Uhuru is on the right path towards redeeming the Country’s image; Kenyans must now embrace the newly found unity and support his efforts towards a better Kenya.

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