Attack on Isebania police station leaves five protesters dead

    A protest against insecurity in Kuria West, Migori County turned deadly after five people were shot dead by police.

    Mourners carrying the body of a businessman killed by robbers a week ago stormed Isebania Police Station, Migori County where they attacked the police officers.

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    According to a police report, the violent rioters with crude weapons overrun police officers manning the gates.

    Their attempts to torch the station and free suspects in police custody is what prompted the officers to open fire.

    “A group of rioting mob escorting the body of one Kikuyu male from St. Akidiva Mindira Mabera hospital mortuary attacked the station while in a pickup full of stones, matches and pangas. They smashed the windows of the station armoury, OCS office and other offices with stones. They started destroying the gates of the cells demanding the release of all in custody” the report reads.

    Police say the attack was premeditated.

    “After overrunning the officers manning the report office, armoury and cells, this prompted the officers to defend the forceful rescue of prisoners in custody and theft of firearms by use of live ammunition. Unfortunately, this resulted in the death of four unidentified goons” the report states.

    Kuria West OCPD Cleti Kimayio confirmed the incident adding the bodies had been moved to St. Akidiva Mindira Mabera Hospital Mortuary.

    A police officer is nursing injuries.

    Reporting by Celestine Mwango

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