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Attempts to revive outlawed criminal gangs in Central Kenya will not succeed – Gachagua


Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua now says there are ongoing attempts to revive outlawed criminal gangs in the Mount Kenya region, but warns that such schemes will not succeed.

In an apparent reference to the proscribed Mungiki sect, the DP says he’d rather lose politically than allow its members a chance to regroup and launch their illegal activities in Central Kenya.

“I am ready to pay any political price to protect these women and our young girls from the criminal gang. We cannot allow this,” he stated.

“In 2006, 2007, and 2008, young men joined the proscribed group and it caused fear in this region and rift valley. But it had been dealt with,” he explained

The Deputy President said the Government is on high alert and would swiftly move in to stop attempts by its leaders and their sympathisers to recruit young people in the region adding that heinous acts they committed previously were still fresh in the memories of the residents.

He added that those involved in the attempted revival will face the full wrath of the law.

“Two months ago, they were back in bus stages extorting from matatu operators and business owners. That cannot happen. We cannot allow anyone to misuse our youths and engage them in crime. We have a responsibility to protect our young people from being misused by anybody,” said Gachagua.

He said instructions to rein in the gang have been issued and that order was quickly restored when police moved in to deal with them.

“We thank our security teams in Central Kenya and the Rift Valley for their swift action in the last three months. The attempt to revive the gang has been stopped and people are now going about their business without fear,” he said.

At the same time, the Deputy President urged judges and magistrates to exercise judicial restraint as they adjudicate matters touching on programmes towards improving the lives of Kenyans.

He said it was unfortunate that programmes such as affordable housing and universal health bills had been suspended due to court injunctions.

“We are asking the judicial officials to be patriotic Kenyans and should stop being misused to stop programmes beneficial to Kenyans,” said Gachagua

“The President restored the independence of the judiciary. He gazetted the judges who had been refused positions by the previous administration. He also increased the judiciary budget from Ksh.18 billion to Ksh. 22 billion. He has never interfered with what goes on in courts,” he added saying this was a demonstration of commitment by the president to promote judicial independence.