Attractions of Meru County

A five hour drive from Kenya’s capital lies Meru county. Largely covered by thick forests and bountiful rivers, beautiful things to see and many things to do.

Meru is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes that define magical scenes. Its rolling hills are cut across by meandering rivers with the Nyambene hills are the regions main source of water supply. The hills are home to a number of wild animals such as monkeys that criss-cross from the neighboring Mt. Kenya, the highest mountain in Kenya and second largest in Africa. One-day mountain climbing is a popular pastime here.

The highlands and escarpments of the region provide awe-inspiring views. Along the Meru-Maua highway, you will notice the historical Mukululu water catchment area, and a short walk in the valley of gigantic trees leads to a thundering waterfall.

Meru is a destination synonymous with miraa (khat) growing culture that is inherited from one generation to the next. It was interesting to learn the miraa plucking exercise begins at 5:00 a.m. in order for the product to reach the market on time.


Investors are keen on giving the business and leisure traveler a relaxing home-like environment offering a complete easy experience with state of the art facilities. The region has well established infrastructure, well tailored conferencing facilities, well manicured lawns and world class tourism facilities.

All in all the best way to appreciate Meru county is to interact with the locals themselves and their way of life.


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