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Tina Knowles comes to Beyonce’s defense

Tina Knowles has had enough!  Knowles, known best as Beyonce and Solange’s mother has shared her support for the musician’s platinum hair that she debuted...

Ūndūire witū: Ūgongoni wa atumia-Karegeire

Ūnduire witū Atumia nīmagongonaga? Thuuti, njeme, mūhaha mūhahī na ngūrū. Tūtonywo ndūgīra nī Mūtonyi Chief Kanyonga wa Mūkono agīterebwo nī Mwana Mwende. PART 1 PART 2

Dorcas Rigathi pursuing opening of rehabilitation wards in every hospital

The Spouse of the Deputy President Pastor Dorcas Rigathi is pursuing County Governments and the Ministry of Health at the National Government to establish...

Ruto lauds partnership between Kenya and US in fight against HIV/AIDS

President William Ruto has praised the partnership between Kenya and United States (US) in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Through the US President’s Emergency Plan for...

High Court declares housing levy unconstitutional

A three-judge bench at the High Court has declared the housing  levy proposed in the Finance Act 2023 as unconstitutional. Delivering the ruling on Tuesday,...

Kenya’s second feature film to premiere in December

What happens when an extended family with different personalities and agendas come together for Christmas? New upcoming movies a Merry X-Mess, and the second-ever Kenyan...

Raila to give opinion on National Dialogue report Thursday

ODM Leader Raila Odinga says he will give his direction on the report of the just concluded National Dialogue this Thursday after a meeting...

Beyonce debuts silver hair at “Renaissance” film premiere

American global superstar Beyonce made an entrance at the premiere of her film Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce. The star-studded event featured a chrome carpet...

Pope has mild flu, CT scan shows no pulmonary issues

Pope Francis on Saturday underwent a CT scan at a hospital in Rome to rule out any lung complications after he canceled his morning...

Compliance with standards in electrical and electronics sector, critical for global...

Stakeholders in the electricals, electronics, and related technologies field have been urged to embrace the use of established International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards to...