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Autopax, Kofa to establish e-mobility charging stations across Kenya

Autopax Kenya, an electric vehicle manufacturer has partnered with Kofa, a sustainable energy solutions company based in Ghana to start up an electric motorcycle assembly and distribution plant in the country that will be critical to navigating the Kenyan terrain.

The partnership signed during the ongoing Africa Tech Summit currently being held in Nairobi, will see an increase in the production of efficient, durable, and electric motorcycles as the country aims to achieve 100% transition into the electric mobility space by 2030.

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Autopax Kenya, which brought the Autopax AirEv YETU product that was used by President William Ruto during the environment summit held in Kenya late last year, is looking to provide key mobility solutions that are tailored for the Kenyan market.

There is a serious rush to have Kenya move into the electric mobility space by at least the year 2030.

With this, there has been an influx of e-mobility partners that have trained their aspects on the Kenyan market that currently boasts over 2 million boda boda users….

At this year’s Africa Tech Summit currently ongoing at the Sarit Center, Nairobi, there has been a display by key players keen on venturing into the Kenyan market.

One of the key considerations by end users in Kenya has been the question of affordability and sustainability.

Autopax Kenya has made key steps in providing a key solution to motorcycle users that is geared towards setting up numerous charging stations and offering durable chargeable batteries.

The need for a move into the electric vehicles space is being necessitated by the fluctuating prices of fuel, which according to the partners would save a boda boda user up to 30% of profits.

On Wednesday, during a boda boda safety sensitization in Nairobi, NTSA said there is a push for the country to migrate into the electric space by 2030, noting there was an excess of about 2.3 million boda boda users and an endless populace that is largely opting to use boda boda.

The partnership between Autopax and Kofa will also see more charging stations put up outside Nairobi, as the two target a bigger percentage that is untapped.

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