The internet is forever.

How Often Should Your Brand Post on Instagram?

Social media is great! It has enhanced our lived tremendously by allowing us global connectivity, providing us with education and information, and has been fantastic for business growth. Just as it has affected society in positive ways, it has had negative impact too. It’s all about the usage.

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It is a slippery slope when posting on a social media network and you will find that your social media reputation can make or break you. You may think that whatever you’re posting is only for your few private followers, but the internet never forgets.

Here are a couple of things you should refrain from posting on Social media.

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Negative things about your job or employer

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For obvious reasons, you should refrain from bad-mouthing your boss or job on the internet. It may get back to the boss and even if it does not, future employers may come across these posts and avoid you completely.

Pics and videos of people that you took without permission

We’re constantly recording and taking pictures with our phones, but it isn’t fair to post those that feature people when you haven’t received their permission to do so. If you really want to share images but they have people you don’t know in them, blur out their faces first. This goes the same for pics of your friends too. Get their permission first.

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5 Things You Should NOT Share On Social Media


There is no need to share your intimate pics with internet acquaintances. It is inappropriate, you could get suspended depending on the social network and they eventually come back to haunt you. The WORST thing you can do is share nude pictures of someone else, especially WITHOUT their permission. The issue of revenge porn is for another day.

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Bank information

Be it your debit cards, credit card or bank balance, just keep your financial information to yourself. By posting this kind of info, you may be helping hackers steal your details and gain access to your accounts.

Your relationship issues

By taking to the internet every time you have a quarrel with your partner, you’re making your personal life the internet’s business. Your relationship then remains open to ridicule and can be permeated and destroyed.

Bigoted opinions

Kindly keep your misogynistic, racial or prejudiced opinions to yourself. Be respectful and empathetic. We’re trying to spread love over here.


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