Nigerian artist AYOX has just unveiled his latest 7-track EP, titled Last Son of a Widow.

This comes after his single “Walking Dead” featuring Zlatan peaked at number 50 on the US Billboard Afrobeats songs chart. 

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The EP kicks off with the track “Early 20s,” offering a deeply heartfelt reflection on the challenges and tumultuous experiences of youth. 

AYOX’s introspective lyrics and emotive delivery draw listeners into a poignant narrative, skillfully combining melody and rhythm to set the mood for the entire EP. 

Next up is “Humble Cry,” which showcases AYOX’s remarkable ability to seamlessly navigate between musical genres. This song radiates vulnerability and raw emotion, exuding an aura of humility and authenticity.

The third track, “Ashewo Boy,” is a dynamic collaboration between AYOX and Tekno, resulting in an electrifying and infectious tune. This musical partnership is a sheer delight, featuring memorable hooks and an irresistible beat that is sure to set the dance floor ablaze. 

“Radar” emerges as a standout gem on the EP, delving into life’s uncertainties, exploring the yearning for direction, freedom, and the quest for both affection and love. 

AYOX’s poignant storytelling, coupled with the song’s intricate instrumentation, evokes a profound sense of wanderlust and contemplation.

“Into Shards” invites us to explore the profound depths of heartbreak and loss, with AYOX showcasing his vocal dexterity as he skillfully conveys the profound agony that accompanies a shattered heart. 

These raw emotions seamlessly transition into “Need You to Stay,” an enchanting narrative of love and longing. AYOX’s voice exudes both passion and vulnerability, creating an intimate atmosphere that artfully captures the intricate tapestry of human relationships and connection.

As the EP reaches its climax with the aforementioned “Walking Dead,” it becomes clear that AYOX possesses a remarkable ability to craft infectious, chart-topping hits. 

The track’s irresistible energy, combined with Zlatan’s magnetic presence, provides a fitting and sensational conclusion to this exceptional musical journey.

Last Son of a Widow serves as a testament to AYOX’s artistic growth, as he skillfully weaves together diverse musical genres while maintaining a profound and meaningful lyrical depth. 

Through this EP, AYOX firmly cements his position as an emerging superstar. 

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