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Azziad attains 1 million TikTok followers

Azziad is one of the most popular Kenyan TikTokers

It has been a year since Azziad nasenya went viral on TikTok jumpstarting her career and life in general. When Azziad danced to Mejja’s ‘Utawezana’ last April, she had no idea what levels her success would reach. The queen of TikTok has now attained 1 million followers on the platform, no small feat.

Azziad always had a love for the performing arts ever since she was a child. She has been acting and dancing since the age of 7. In just a year since that viral TikTok video, miss Nasenya has been cast in several TV roles, co-hosted Concert Nyumbani (a TV show celebrating COVID-19 heroes) and is currently hosting a popular series called ‘Shoe game with Azziad’ on her YouTube channel.

Taking to social media to announce the milestone, Azziad said, “We hit 1 Million followers on my TikTok yesterday ???? I’m Grateful to God for the growth and for holding my hand through out my Journey. I’m grateful to Him for giving me you Guys as my family.?? Thank you for believing in me and supporting me?? Also thank you for 1.1M on Instagram… We have grown 100K in a month.

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