Azziad Nasenya talks about her future plans and her newfound fame


Seemingly overnight, Azziad Nasenya, a Broadcast journalism student, went from being a moderately viewed Tik Tok creator to a popular creator appearing in multiple TV interviews and with over fifty thousand Twitter followers. Here she talks about her overnight popularity, her plans post COVID-19 and all the advice she’s received.

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“I am happy, excited and nervous because all this comes with a bit of pressure.”

On becoming an overnight sensation

Honestly, I knew that one day it would come to pass. I just didn’t know when or how. That is why I thought of getting a manager earlier because I knew my time would come.

On her newfound fame

I am trying to be calm about it. I am happy, excited and nervous because it comes with a bit of pressure. The great part is that a lot of opportunities are coming with it so I am focusing on the good.

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On her “Utaweza” video and Tik Tok

Tik Tok has all the capabilities that allow me to showcase my talent all in one. I am a multi-talented person; I can sing, I can dance and I can do comedy. Tik Tok has it all and it makes it easier to find the sounds you need within the app. It’s just easy to pick a sound and create your content. Tik Tok supports short video clips making it easy to create content.

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“We can’t say whatever we want about celebrities and forget that they have feelings.”

On the lessons she’s learned

I have learnt that public figures are also people. Sometimes we forget that and tend to think that they are superhuman or less than human. We think that we can just say whatever we want about them and forget that they have feelings.  I’m now in the limelight and I understand how it feels when you’re the subject of online abuse/ridicule.

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On the best advice she’s received

A lot of people have given me advice and most of it has been reasonable and applicable in different scenarios. The best one I’ve gotten is to take things slow.

“Keep doing what you’re doing.”

On micro-influencers

My advice to micro-influencers is to keep doing what you’re doing. Find your passion, and if you love doing it, just keep going and be consistent. Nothing comes easy, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

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On her after COVID-19 plans

First of all, it’s to go back to school and finish my course. Secondly, I want to begin shooting my film and also work with Too Early for Birds. I can’t wait to be on stage with them and act with them. I’m also excited to travel to Uganda. They have shown me so much love and given me an opportunity which I am grateful for.


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