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Ban on GMOs still stands

A three-judge bench has dismissed an application by the government seeking to allow Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) foods into the country.

According to Justice Mohammed Warsame, Ali Aroni and John Mativo the application lacked merit and the public interest test had not been met.

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” We see nothing for the court to preserve and it cannot be said that the substratum of the appeal will be eroded,” noted the court.

This means that the order barring the government from importing or distributing genetically modified (GMO) crops and food stands until a case filed at the high court by the Kenyan peasant league is heard and determined.

The state had argued that the adoption of biotechnology involving the use of GMOs will significantly contribute to addressing the challenges facing the country in terms of food security.

It would also lower the cost of raw materials for the animal feed industry, an argument that was objected to on grounds that there was no public participation.

The state argued that unless the orders are granted the appeal will be rendered of no consequence as the people of Kenya who are faced with hunger and starvation will be greatly prejudiced.

Reporting by Ruth Wamboi

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