Sagana is set to come alive with the vibrant beats and melodies of Folk Fusion, taking place at the picturesque Jangwani Camp from Friday to Sunday December 8-10.

The 3-day event is set to be a symphony of music, adventure, and memories waiting to be made.

The Wanderlust edition boasts an impressive lineup of some of Kenya’s most prolific live acts led by the sensational superstar Bensoul featuring Ayrosh, Mutoriah, PHY, Yaba, Jukebox Band and mugithi maestro Salim Young. 

Being the last edition of 2023, the stage will be set ablaze with their electrifying performances, showcasing the diversity and richness of Kenya’s music scene. 

In addition, a stellar lineup of DJs including Suraj, Euggy, DJ Mura, DJ IV, DJ Dibul, DJ Shero, and DJ SW, will keep the energy soaring, ensuring you dance the night away under the star-filled Sagana sky.

And it’s not just about the music – it’s a weekend of unadulterated adventure. From exhilarating zip lining, heart-pounding water rafting, nature trail walks that lead to hidden gems, fishing, to refreshing dips in the Sagana river, Jangwani Camp is the perfect playground for the spirited.

Tickets to the event are currently on sale.

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