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Sometime last month the regional ambassador for Remy was in town and invited a few of us to a tasting of one of their brands.

What is Cognac?

Remy Martin is a Cognac. Cognac, pronounced ‘kaw-nyak’, is a type of brandy named after a French town. This drink is often associated with a luxurious lifestyle and is considered a status symbol. Cognacs are more often than not associated and, in some cases, depicted in Hip-hop culture as a measure of ‘winning’ and greatness. Jay-Z once gave a shout-out to Remy Martin in the track “Can’t knock the hustle” and P. Diddy and Busta Rhymes popularised Courvoisier in the track “Pass the Courvoisier”. So, do you have a Remy in the house? Here’s how to enjoy it.

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1)    Remy G

What you need: All you need to make this cocktail is a Remy Martin VSOP, ginger ale and a wedge or two of lime.

It’s a perfect drink if you’re looking to entertain your loved ones or a few friends.


2)    Remy Side Car

What you need: You’ll need a VSOP, a Cointreau – an orange flavoured triple distilled liqueur and some lemon juice.

Whether out on a date or hosting, this is the perfect drink to have just before your dinner. Cointreau is famous for being an aperitif which stimulates your appetite.


3)    Old fashioned

What you need: Some XO or VSOP, a lump of brown sugar and ice. An old fashioned, a full-bodied drink, really is as timeless as its name suggests and was conceived in 1923 in Paris.

How to drink it like connoisseur

Now that we’ve given you three drinks for you to try, here’s how to drink your Cognac like a connoisseur.


  1. Pour some Remy in your glass and swirl it. This particular Cognac has a light golden colour.
  2. Then hold your glass close to your chin and inhale. The vapours should tell you something about what you’re drinking? It should smell fruity but if it smells like onions, It’s probably not a Remy!
  3. Lastly, take the time to actually taste your drink. Don’t swallow it soon as it lands on your tongue. A VSOP cognac is stored in a cask for 4 years so take your time in enjoying it.

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