Russian billionaire placed under house arrest

By Beth Nyaga

Dmitry Kamenshchik, billionaire owner of Moscow’s only fully private airport, has been placed under house arrest by a Russian court.

Kamenshchik was detained after serving as a witness in an inquiry into a bomb attack at Domodedovo airport in January 2011 which killed 37 people.

Investigators say the airport did not conduct thorough enough passengers searches at the time of the explosion.

He denies the charge, saying regulations then in force did not require such strict controls.

Kamenshchik’s fortune has been estimated at $2.9bn (£2bn).

In an unexpected twist, government prosecutors disputed the court ruling, calling the accusations unfounded and contesting the plea for house arrest.

Mr Kamenshchik, 47, will remain under house arrest for two months.

The case against him comes against the background of the state’s long-running attempts to acquire a stake in Domodedovo, the BBC’s Oleg Boldyrev reports from Moscow.

Kamenshchik is refusing the sale.

Source: BBC News


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