Bill Sellanga, popularly known as Blinky Bill to his Kenyan fans, has been featured on a new song, “25 to Life” by Mzansi’s House Music Artist, Holly Rey. The addictive and energetic new track is off her brand new EP ‘3AM Part One’. 

The single comes ahead of Blinky’s own scheduled release planned for later this year.

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Once Holly Rey had completed the vocal production on the track she knew that she wanted to feature an artist who would bring the right East African Afro-House vibe to the song. The two came together to create a Pan-African single that hits the sweet spot.

Blinky Bill himself has a talent for creating distinctive collaborative combinations in the world of music such as “Inaweza Haiwezi”, “Ama Aje”, “Terene”, “Jam Down, Simmer Down”. He sets high standards for emerging and celebrated artists to showcase their lyrical and creative prowess while also promoting a commitment to timeless art; creating something truly exceptional.

Blinky Bill is set to release a new album titled We Cut Keys 2 in 2023. The project is highly anticipated and likely to continue his tradition of pushing artistic boundaries. This is the signature of his previous solo albums ‘We Cut Keys While You Wait’ and ‘Everyone’s Just Winging It And Other Fly Tales’ which showcase his individual artistic vision and musical style. 

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