Afropop to Amapiano: African Music Ignites.

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The latest episode of ‘For The Record’ is called ‘From Afropop to Amapiano’, and it tells the story of the rise of African music. Africa is one of the fastest-growing music markets in the world, which comes as no surprise when you consider the region’s wealth of new genres and sounds. ‘From Afropop to Amapiano’ focuses on the immense talent from the region. From Pretoria to Nairobi, the distinctive beats that are coming out of these cities and taking the world by storm are explored.

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Kenyan phenomenon Blinky Bill is featured on the episode and highlights the eclectic musical spirit of Nairobi. “I don’t feel like there’s been a proper spotlight on what’s going on with the East African music scene,” said Blinky Bill. “I think that a country like Kenya for example, has so much diversity and could add tons to like just push the envelope of where the sound is and where the sound is going. I feel like in the next few years that’s going to happen. So keep an eye out.

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