Bomet County start supplying oxygen gas to neighboring counties

Bomet County government will start supplying oxygen gas to the neighboring counties for free of charge said Governor Dr Hillary Barchok as part of measures to curb the deadly Coronavirus, they will offer the services to any institution be it private or public in need of the oxygen.
Speaking after inspecting oxygen gas plants at Longisa County Referral Hospital, Barchok said the plant is currently producing 9,000 liters per hour translating into 216,000 liters per day and it is enough for them to be used in all the hospitals especially this time the country is fighting covid 19 pandemic.
The oxygen he said is enough to supply in the counties of Narok Kericho and Nakuru which are neighboring them.
Further all ambulances using Bomet route can get oxygen for free if they have cylinders incase they run out of oxygen on their way.
Currently Longisa Hospital and Tenwek Mission Hospital are the only institutions in the region producing the oxygen.
The county boss said they will not hesitate to assist people in the production of oxygen even people who have cylinders want oxygen and the ambulances.
While urging Bomet residents to be cautious on the third wave of the Covid-19, the governor said that they have already vaccinated 2,500 people against the deadly virus.
Benard Bii, a medical engineer at the Hospital, said that the county has added another air compressor adding it to two and that have really assisted in the production of the oxygen.
In a press briefing on Monday, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe said the country is running low on quality cylinders in health facilities and urged those using cylinders for non-covid care to surrender them immediately since people are dying because of lack of oxygen.
He noted that there are facilities that are using cylinders per patient which should not be the case.
According to the WHO, oxygen therapy is recommended for all severe and critical Covid?19 patients.
The ability to boost capacity to deliver oxygen therapy is the cornerstone of the overall approach to managing the Covid?19 outbreak and it has implications for the functioning of the entire system.
For these reasons, Covid?19 treatment health?care facilities should be equipped with pulse oximeters, functioning oxygen systems including single?use oxygen delivery interfaces.
In a recent survey of emergency care centres across Kenya, over 30% of the facilities did not have a regular supply of oxygen.
Close to 90% of those with oxygen did not have piped oxygen in the emergency department and delivered oxygen directly from the tanks to the patient.

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