Branding role in overcoming harmful products

Written By: Patrick Kamau

The writer is Head of Marketing Jamii Group of Companies and a Scholar.

Consumer brand perceptions towards an organization results mostly from experience they get from the products and services as compared to the communication they get from marketing.

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Marketing communication is seen to be appropriate in developing brand awareness than influencing the changing perceptions the consumers may have about a product or service.

This means that marketing communication cannot be used in enabling a company branding to overcome injurious products.

In addition it can only be applied together with the real changes in the products offered by the organization. To change the negative brand perception consumers may have about the products offered by the organization various activities may be involved.

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The activities include training of employees on branding, handling of problems in the organization, developing a pricing strategy, capital investments, customization of products and services, customer service, integration both vertical and horizontal as well as the presence of appropriate technical support.

All these activities will be significant in helping the company branding system to overcome any negative perception the consumers may be having regarding an injurious product offered by the company.

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There are various ways a company branding system may overcome an injurious product. They include listening and monitoring, preparation and response, honesty and understanding, and participation on social media regularly.

In the current era of a 24-hr economic system and technological innovation, news has been seen to travel faster than in previous years.

Social media has provided a platform where news spread at a faster rate than in mainstream media. In case there is a harmful product in the market due to poor branding, consumers will tend to spread the news faster which may lead to loss of trust.

As a result a company’s’ reputation may be damaged and it would take time to regain the same.

It is thus important that the conversation about the product branding be monitored appropriately. The monitoring helps the company to capture any bad information which might be spreading on the social media and deal with it appropriately before the reputation is damaged.

Preparation and Response

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A Majority of organizations respond lack a proper anticipation schedule on how to deal with a crisis and only reacts when it’s too late.

To manage that, it is important for an organization to always plan in advance to avert any crisis that may occur in the near future. Communication will always serve to be an important aspect in helping deal with any issue that may be brought about by the detrimental products.

Honesty and Understanding

The organization must convince its consumers of its awareness of an existing problem before they actually offer a solution to it.

The main issue arises where the company is to implement the turnaround on the injurious product through branding. It is thus important that they offer genuine promises to the consumers.

Collaboration between managers, accountants and financial officers should always work hand in hand to ensure appropriate strategies with regard to branding are established in a bid to deal with the challenges brought by injurious products.

Engage on social media regularly

This is often a first stop for frustrated customers; it’s therefore a great platform to start rebuilding the organization brand reputation online.

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Good social media presence can help drive mistakes of the past further down the search results, because social sites tend to rank very high.

The organization should be involved with as many of the big social players as possible, which will help in identifying the grievances’ they may have regarding the injurious products.

To do this effectively, the organization will need to hire a social media manager who will ensure the organization social is properly run.

Understanding customers’ perception about a product is an easy and an important concept in helping the brand to overcome injurious products.

Banding activities should be aggregated and analyzed in a bid to establish the consumers shopping behaviors.

Cultivating consumer perception through branding can help reduce the unease they may have about certain injurious products.

It through such actions that the organization will be able to realize how overcoming harmful products through branding helps in increasing competitive advantage.

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