Brian Nadra releases debut album, NADRENALINE

NADRENALINE is available to stream on YouTube

Kenyan urban pop and R&B singer-songwriter Brian Nadra has released ‘NADRENALINE’ – his debut album via Decimal Records . NADRENALINE is an 8-track album that cleverly defines Nadra’s musical journey, right from inception to where he’s currently at professionally-speaking. The album is an eclectic mix of sounds, perfectly showcasing Nadra’s diversity in genres and musical styles all together.

About the release, Nadra shared, “The inspiration behind this album was our [Musyoka and I] desire to explore my talent in depth. We wanted to create an album that will have a lasting legacy on my career and I am sure my fans will appreciate this.”

‘NADRENALINE’ is influenced by Nadra’s inspirations and own taste in music. From a young age, Nadra was exposed to a range of music from country, Afro pop, Lingala, Kapuka to R&B. Nadra goes all guns blazing starting off with a Lingala hit “Chocolatte” as the album opener. R&B bangers include “Pumzika”, a slow tempo sexy song featuring Kenana Mwawasi and “Over and Over”. Album pop singles include “Bella”, “Belly” with Nviiri The Storyteller and “Kahora”, featuring Bon’eye and KonKodi. Sufuri appears in “Booty”, a street anthem suiting his style and persona, alongside Bon’eye and KonKodi.

Bon’Eye and KonKodi, being Nadra’s label mates (Decimal Records) feature on the album. Nviiri, Zzero Sufuri and Kenana also feature. Nadra appreciates that East Africa is currently enjoying a rejuvenated vibrancy in the music scene and there’s a whole new wave of artists attracting global attention to the region. “Listeners should expect to hear bigger and better from Nadra on this project. It is my inspired contribution in show-casing the best of what KE flavour has to offer.” Nadra said

‘NADRENALINE’ certainly will leave you wanting to hear more of what Brian Nadra has in store. The artiste who made his first big impression on the scene with RnB,on a Valentine’s special release “Matwana”, has evidently since then grown into more styles. Just like its title suggests, the album is representative of Nadra’s adrenaline in the industry – to succeed.


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