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Bridging the Digital Divide: Ahadi Wireless, Livelihood Impact Fund bring internet to Kibera

In an era where the digital world is expanding at an unprecedented rate, access to the internet has transitioned from a luxury to a basic necessity.

Recognizing this essential need, Ahadi Wireless (Konnect), in partnership with the Livelihood Impact Fund, has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to provide affordable internet connectivity to the residents of Kibera, Nairobi County.

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This initiative aims to dismantle the barriers of high internet costs and bring the digital world closer to communities that have been left behind in the digital revolution.

Johnstone Namusasi, the Director of Ahadi Wireless (Konnect), emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating, “The cost of the Internet in Kenya is costly and expensive, and most people living in lowland areas cannot afford to have internet in their homes. We want these people to have experience in having quality internet at affordable rates which will help them have access to information on what is happening around the world.”

For individuals like Alfred Ochieng, a young entrepreneur who sells mitumba (second-hand clothes) online, this initiative is a game-changer. Alfred expressed his optimism, saying that the affordable internet packages will significantly boost his business and encouraged the youth in Kibera to leverage this opportunity to enhance their income.

Lindah Aduda, one of the beneficiaries, praised the initiative for its user-friendly approach, contrasting it favorably with the standard internet bundles. This sentiment is echoed across the community, highlighting the project’s immediate impact.

Daniel Muthama, Project Manager at Livelihood Impact Fund, highlighted their support for Ahadi Wireless Internet, underscoring their commitment to improving the lives of Kibera’s residents. “Internet has many benefits, like creating employment,” Muthama noted, underscoring the transformative potential of the initiative.

The community’s response has been overwhelmingly positive, with Bangkok Ogutu, the Community Coordinator in Kibera, urging young people to harness the power of the internet for personal growth and to steer clear of criminal activities.

He believes that if used positively, the internet can play a crucial role in reducing crime rates in Kibera.

Moreover, the launch of this internet service has not only connected the community to the digital world but also created employment opportunities.

Ahadi Wireless (Konnect) has made it their policy to hire young people from the areas they serve, providing jobs across various sectors from sales and marketing to technical support, and even in roles like cooks and cleaners.

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