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Bright but needy student in need of support to join form one


A vulnerable but bright student from Kisauni sub-County is appealing to well-wishers to help him secure his form-one admission.

14-year-old Clinton Wityukha, was raised by her mother single handedly after his father died in a road accident in Thika on October 7, 2018, while he was only in Class Three.

He is among students who missed out on various scholarships offered by the national government, the County Government of Mombasa, and various private organizations, and he is at the brink of missing his opportunity to pursue education and his dream career.

Despite ups and downs of life with his mother, who makes life ends meet by doing menial jobs as a house help Wityukha, managed to excel in his final examination by scoring 400 marks in the 2023 in the KCPE topping his school Servestar Academy, in Mshomoroni, Kisauni sub-county.

At Servestar, Wityukha was sponsored by the school director Mama Violet, who had seen the struggle he and his mother, Eunice Khadiav aged 38, had gone through.

The struggle had taken a toll on Khadiav, who had also lost a pillar and was now left with their only child.

At one time, while in Class Five, the young boy had to stay out of school for almost a whole year due to lack of school fees.

But Mama Violet came to her aid and employed her in her school as a help, earning a salary of 5,500 shillings a month.

“From that 5,500, I had to pay my rent which is 2,500 shillings, and Wityukha’s food in school which was 1,000 shillings a month,” Khadiav said.

Wityukha had been called to a school in Meru, but Khadiav could not afford it and told him he would have to persevere and start school in Term Two, at a day school near home.

“My son has been crying a lot since I told him that and refuses to eat. This is not his body. He has even threatened to commit suicide”, adding that “I only have one prayer. If someone out there is kind enough to ensure my Clinton goes to school, I would appreciate it. I did not go to school, and I would not want my son to not go to school too.”

Wityukha, whose dream is to be a lawyer says the last straw for him was seeing his only friend who he could confide in, go to join Form One, leaving him behind.




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