Building a team for success in governance and development

American entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs once said: “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.”

This is true, not just in business, but in every facet of life.

Building a strong unit and team is the basis for success in all walks of life. It seems obvious that if something is conditional on one particular part doing its job, it is susceptible to fail.

Since the turn of the year, we have seen one Kenyan politician buck a trend that stretches back far into our history. For many decades, our Presidents and leaders led on their own and only interact with the electorate once elections were near.

Kenyan Presidents were known as strong men who by their sheer force would decide the policy and direction for the nation.

Unfortunately, on many occasions this ended in failure, or at least a lack of success.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has sought another path as he seeks to institute unprecedented change in our republic.

At the beginning of his second term, he identified weak links in institutions and focused on making changes to make them stronger.

In January, he appointed George Kinoti as the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to replace Ndegwa Muhoro,

Then President Kenyatta replaced Director of Public Prosecution Keriako Tobiko with a former senior director at the National Intelligence Service Noordin Haji.

The appointment of Haji was met with doubt as Kenyans had no idea who he was. Suffice to say he has already made a mark with the high profile prosecution of individuals.

If President Kenyatta is the director, manager or coach in the war on corruption, Haji is his loyal captain, fulfilling his mandate against all odds.

President Kenyatta wants to build the best team available to ensure the success of his anti-corruption programme. He cannot afford weak links in his team.

He is well aware to achieve his goals; he cannot be the only one running the show. He must have loyal lieutenants whose dedication is unequivocal.

Over reliance on one person usually doesn’t necessarily bear fruits and this is evident especially in football where National teams that rely on an individual rarely perform well.

Steve Jobs knew something about achievement and success and while he may have been for many years the front man at Apple, he made it clear that his company’s accomplishments were only possible because of his team.

For the good of the nation; those in public office must support the President not only in the Big4agenda but also in the fight against corruption.

The views expressed in this article don’t necessarily represent KBC’s opinion


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