The program is set to join the long list of programs offered by The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

Young entrepreneurs will now have an opportunity to participate in a business TV reality show to showcase their innovations, pitch business ideas for funding as well as undergo skills development training.

The reality show dubbed “The Eagles Nest” is the brainchild of five government entities – the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, KBC, Kenyatta University, Kenya Industrial Property Institute, and the Youth Enterprise Development Fund.

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It is aimed at providing an opportunity for youth to showcase their innovation, and be equipped with the necessary skills and networks to make their businesses sustainable. 

The Program will provide a platform for youth between the ages of 18-35 years to showcase their innovation, share knowledge, learn and connect with potential investors. 

State Department for labour skills development Principal Secretary Geoffrey Kaituko while speaking at a meeting on The Eagles Nest Program said it will provide an opportunity for youth to learn and network and be trained on ways to ensure their businesses survive beyond the 1st year of establishment calling on the youth to participate in the show

Youth enterprise development fund Josiah Moriasi CEO challenged the youth to embrace skills development training as the future. 500 youth who will qualify in the initial stages will undergo a 28-day training at the Manu Chandaria Innovation Hub at Kenyatta University.

Additionally, the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation acting managing director Samuel Maina said The Eagles Nest program is in line with KBC’S mandate to inform, entertain and educate and offers an opportunity for youth-centred fresh content as well as a platform for young people to engage in self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Speaking today at a breakfast meeting with private and public investors, the Acting Managing Director, Samuel Maina said that the current viewership is commanded by youthful generations, hence the need of coming up with youth-themed programs.

The program is set to join the long list of programs offered by The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

The program has been considered timely as it seeks to give youth a chance to put into practice their talents and skills in different job markets. 

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