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Since the commissioning of the 27-kilometer Nairobi Expressway nine months ago, there has been a hue and cry over the state of the lower deck road, which users believe was not restored to its initial condition after completion of the upper deck toll road.

The government now says plans for restoration of the lower deck road are at an advanced stage.

Restoration works will involve putting up more footbridges to ease crossing for pedestrians who currently account for a majority of road fatalities in Kenya

This emerged during an update on the performance of the Nairobi Expressway. Officials said 10 million motorists have so far used the toll road translating to 50,000 motorists daily.

So far, about 2.5 billion shillings has been collected as toll fees by Moja Expressway company, which will operate the toll road for 27 years to recoup cash it spent on the project before relinquishing it to the government.


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