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Businesses tap into Google AI to boost their visibility

Businesses in Africa and across the world could see a significant rise in sales by leveraging artificial intelligence to increase their online presence.

Google says through its Gemini AI-powered chat which is now fully operational is designed to help businesses in Africa and across the world boost their online visibility.

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Google Vice President of Search Ads Shashi Thakur said Google’s Conversational Experience enables businesses of any size to make easy ads without any complexities and those that resonate with the local audience.

“Creating effective ads can be time-consuming, especially for small businesses. Our new conversational experience helps businesses of all sizes tap into the power of Google AI to create successful Search campaigns with remarkable ease,” he said.

Google says businesses that have taken advantage of this experience on Google Ads have a 42pc chance of publishing search campaigns that are excellent.

“This development is part of Google’s broader initiative to empower small businesses in Africa and globally, by facilitating the creation of impactful Search ads. By automatically generating headlines and descriptions based on existing website content, Google’s AI enables ads to dynamically respond to relevant searches,” added Shashi.

Gemini will automatically analyze content once the website is keyed in considering the ads are also tailored for specific customers.

Google AI also creates new ad images or pulls visuals from a website and lastly, the advertisers have the right to review all the content ensuring that the ad reflects their brand.

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