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Businessman pleads guilty to tax evasion charge 

A Maralal-based businessman who pleaded guilty to a charge of tax evasion has been ordered to pay a fine of Sh100,000.

Samuel Gathoni Mwita was charged with conveying liquor products worth Sh165,517 without affixing them with excise duty stamps as required under the Excise Duty Act, 2015.

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Mwita was arrested by a multi-agency team comprising KRA and Police officers while transporting 240 boxes of Spike vodka in a Nissan Caravan at Suguta Marmar ward on October 27, 2023.

According to the charge sheet, the accused was arrested for ferrying 240 boxes of Spike vodka valued at Sh 427,704 and having not paid Sh 165,517 Excise Duty.

The accused appeared today before Principal Magistrate Hon. James Wanyanga and was fined Sh 100,000 while the liquor was forfeited to the state.

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) officials have arrested and charged over 35 suspects involved in illicit trade since July 2023 and prevented a tax loss of more than Sh20 million.

KRA in collaboration with other Government Agencies is committed to the fight against illicit trade and has deployed robust techniques to ensure that it actively conducts intelligence surveillance, investigations, and prosecution of unscrupulous traders.

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