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CAF B course to incorporate Football Science and Technology


CAF B course trainees will now learn about football science and Technology  as part of the new initiative to expose coaches to wholesome development of football talent in the country.

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The first lot to undergo the training include those currently undertaking the CAF B coaching course which began on Monday at  Kenya Institute of Special Education.

The training will impact the coaches with the insights into age-specific training, enabling them to maximize their impact on the pitch for different age groups.

One of the key component of  football science and technology is periodization, which guides coaches in planning their team’s training regimen, ensuring optimal performance and physical fitness. This helps in  conditioning techniques that enhance players’ daily performance levels.

Coaches will also gain an understanding of proper nutrition and its long-term benefits for players’ overall well-being. Equally important is a comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy, allowing coaches to identify vulnerable areas of the body and mitigate the risk of injuries.

Furthermore, the coaches will receive training on leveraging technology to enhance their analytical capabilities. From measuring player health and performance on the field to utilizing statistical data for more effective training sessions, the integration of technology empowers coaches to stay ahead in the evolving landscape of the sport.

Sofapaka Assistant Coach Paul Ogai, a CAF C Licensed coach and a CAF D Instructor, expressed his enthusiasm as he starts the program which will run  for four months.

“To improve the quality of our league, we need to focus more on football science and technology. Without the right information on physical exercise, tactics, work-rest ratio, and nutrition, the quality of our game will suffer,” he stated.

FKF President Nick Mwendwa, on his part, emphasized the need for capacity building of the coaches, while noting that the Federation will ensure that all coaches in the FKF Leagues are accredited at different levels.

“It is crucial for coaches to advance through different levels of training as they grow in their careers. This ensures that we have well-equipped coaches, particularly at the grassroots level, which is essential for the development of the game,” he said

“Starting this coming season, all coaches in the FKF Premier League shall be required to hold a CAF B license. In another two years, we shall require them to hold a CAF  A license. This will ensure that the players are handled by qualified personnel,” added the FKF President.

Currently, coaches in the Premier League and National Super League are required to hold a CAF C License.

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