Campaign season ends with skeleton billboards

The intense campaign period that has been witnessed across the country has come to an end with millions spent especially on billboard advertising.
However, as curtains fall on the 2022 general election cycle, the advertising windfall is seemingly drying up as many billboards erected in the past year across the country by various candidates and their political parties remain nothing but skeletons of steel.
Many giant billboards around the country especially those sponsored by presidential, gubernatorial, senatorial, and woman representative candidates were the highlights of this year’s elections and were the centre of attention owing to their strategic locations and bright party colours.
While each candidate was trying to sell their agenda to the voter using the billboards, the start of voting processing on August 9, 2022, marked the end of political advertising.
In Nairobi County, giant political billboards which once flooded the city’s highways are slowly being stripped to pave way for potential new advertisers.
While the monthly charges for billboards may vary per region, Nairobi is said to be the most expensive with monthly charges of between Ksh 50,000 to Ksh 500,000 depending on the size.
However, during political season, billboards in cities and major towns in Kenya remain the most expensive.
In the 2022 general election, politicians are estimated to have spent billions of shillings in printing posters, shirts, caps, lesos and billboards among other merchandize.
Last year, parliament shot down attempts to cap election campaign spending to Ksh 17.7 billion for parties and Ksh 4.4 billion for presidential candidates.

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