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Campaigners call for end to fossil fuels


Green Faith has demanded for the total phase out of fossil fuels that has been attributed to heating the planet.

Green Faith Global Director for Advocacy Meryne Warah said the use of fossil fuels has violated human rights, caused family displacement, cultural interference and impacts on the environment in Africa.

Warah spoke during the launch of the African office in the country, she called on the attention of multi-faith gatherings at the All-African Council of Churches (AACC) to the destruction that the fossil fuel industry has caused to the people in Africa.

“We have enough renewable natural capital that can be harnessed to provide energy in Africa while at the same time living harmoniously with biodiversity. Faith communities are best placed to speak truth to powers that make decisions allowing foreign companies destroy Africa’s beauty, environment and biodiversity through oil and extractive industry,” said Warah.

The Faith communities say Tanzanians and Ugandans have been affected by the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP)as some complained of poor compensation for land taken among other ills. It also says Niger Delta’s polluted rivers have had adverse effects on fish farming and recorded an increase in cases of respiratory and other diseases.

“More attention needs to be given to the solutions offered by different African and Indigenous communities even in the face of development and technological advancement,” said Rev Gibson Lesmore, AACC Director of Programs.

Green Faith Africa has called for universal access to clean energy and green jobs that lift communities from poverty and campaigned to stop the EACOP and a sustained momentum against new oil and gas expansion projects.

Sally Namuye
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