Cancer awareness key to fighting disease

In Kenya, 7% of deaths are caused by cancer, awareness could help reduce this


The collective fight against the disease was strengthened by the creation of the National Cancer Control Strategy about two months ago.

The blueprint would help fight the disease as well as create awareness not only during the month of October but in the next five years throughout the country.

It claims about 70% of people globally from low and middle-income economies like Kenya. In Kenya, 7% of deaths are caused by the disease. The Ministry of Health has put in a lot of effort in tackling the disease.


Cancer – caused by external factors such as smoking and high alcohol intake and internal factors such as HIV and HPV – can be treated with early detection. It is therefore important that the public stays informed through awareness campaigns and screening.

Low-level awareness, inexperienced doctors and lack of specialized treatment in the country are also to blame for the high deaths.

10 cancer facts you need to know

  1. What you eat matters. The food choices you make every day can raise or lower your personal risk.
  2. Experts agree that early detection can help reduce deaths related to the disease.
  3. According to a report done by the World Health Organisation, two million deaths globally were caused by the disease.
  4. Cancer is a single name given to over one hundred diseases i.e lung, ovarian etc
  5. Age is just a number, it affects everyone.
  6. According to the Kenyan Network of Cancer organization, 60% of Kenyans affected by the disease are younger than 70 years old.
  7. Inadequate diagnostic facilities play a role in the number of deaths caused by the disease. Kenya has four radiation centres(Kenya National Hospital, MP Shah, Nairobi Hospital and the Aga Khan) and four treatment centres.
  8. According to the World Health Organisation, getting vaccinated against cancer-causing infections such as Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) can prevent 1.1 million cases.
  9. Cancer puts a significant strain on the global economy.
  10. Good choices = good health.

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