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Captain pledges support to upcoming golfers


Kenya is embarking on an initiative to elevate golf to a major tourist attraction by engaging the nation’s youth in the sport.

Ruiru Sports Club’s Golf Captain, JKMuraguli, revealed the launch of a youth-focused program during his inaugural captain’s tournament, which saw participation from more than 300 golfers.

The initiative aims to broaden golf’s appeal beyond its traditional perception as an elite sport, making it accessible to young people from various backgrounds.

At the tournament’s launch, JK highlighted efforts to dispel the notion that golf is exclusive to the wealthy, emphasizing the program’s dedication to nurturing young talent. The objective is to ensure that the representation in future international golf tournaments extends beyond the current veterans to include emerging young players.

“We are passionate about making golf a sport for everyone, not just a select few. By introducing young people from all backgrounds to golf, we’re not only broadening their horizons but also preparing a new generation to shine in international arenas, JK said.

JK also pointed out the program’s focus on fostering networking among young golfers, promoting peer-to-peer mentorship, and facilitating business connections. He urged parents to consider golf as a beneficial activity for their children, not only for its potential to teach discipline and provide physical fitness but also as a means of keeping them engaged in positive activities and away from harmful behaviors.

Echoing JK‘s sentiments, the Club’s Sports Convenor, Solomon Irungu, mentioned the variety of sports activities available for youth engagement at the club, including scrabble, pool, swimming, bowling, and tennis among others. He underscored the networking opportunities the Ruiru Sports Club offers, particularly through partnerships with corporations and entrepreneurs that can provide the youth with essential business knowledge, resources, and social capital.

Irungu reaffirmed the club’s mission to promote multiple among Kenya’s youth and position the country as a premier destination for golf tourism.“Our sports club isn’t just about golf; it is about opening doors for the children, youth and their parents. Through sports, we offer a platform to connect with mentors and peers, laying a foundation for future success, not only in sports, but also in business and beyond.”

The inaugural captain’s tournament at Ruiru Sports Club showcased its vibrant sporting spirit and commitment to excellence in golf noting the enormous participation. The captain invited potential partners to visit the club and explore mutual areas of edifying sports as well as promoting business development. “Our calendars are packed with multiple tournaments, and we are welcoming both players and sponsors to come and enjoy our course with us,” JK said.

The tournament concluded with Louis Nderi securing the overall win with 40 points. Jessy Ndegwa and Gladys Muchemi triumphed in the men’s and ladies’ categories, respectively, showcasing the burgeoning talent among Kenya’s young golfers.

Ruiru Sports Club, with a storied history spanning over a century, has established itself as a premier sporting destination in the region. Its rich legacy, combined with state-of-the-art facilities, makes it not just a hub for golf enthusiasts but a center for sports lovers across various fields. Through continuous innovation and dedication to sports development, Ruiru Sports Club is becoming a center for diversity and inclusivity of sports in the region.


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