livestock tagging

State to roll out nationwide livestock digital tagging

The Ministry of Agriculture will roll out a nationwide digital tagging of livestock for easy traceability and enhance digital sale abroad. Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya said that this will enable farmers to easily access markets...

Government releases Ksh 138M to pay cane farmers

The Ministry of Agriculture has released Ksh 138 million to settle debts owed to cane farmers in Kakamega County. Governor Wycliffe Oparanya said that he has already received the funds from the Cabinet Secretary (CS)...
The Capital Markets Authority has extended the old coffee regulations that were to be replaced this month

Coffee farmers to benefit from new KPCU deal worth Ksh 90M

Farmers who have delivered their coffee to the New Kenya Planters Cooperative Union (KPCU) will receive payment amounting to over Ksh 90million. KPCU acting Managing Director Joel Kinyua said they have secured a buyer from...

UNEP: Good practices will boost biodiversity post COVID-19

As resources continue to deplete, it is becoming apparent that more and more urgent attention should be paid to conservation of the environment and biodiversity. At a recent meeting between editors and the United Nations...
Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha getting shallower every year

The sharp rise in water levels around Lake Naivasha which has led to flooding of flower farms, hotels and estates has been attributed to high siltation in the water body. According to experts, the fresh...
Industrial agriculture receiving bulk of Africa’s agriculture development funding

Industrial agriculture receiving bulk of Africa’s agriculture development funding

Money flows in agricultural development are still reinforcing damaging industrial models in Africa, according to a new report by Biovision, IPES-Food and the UK-based Institute of Development Studies. Kenya ranks third in sub-Saharan Africa in spending on agricultural research after Nigeria and South Africa. The Money...

President pays tribute to Wangari Maathai as Kenya marks World Environment Day

President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged Kenyans to emulate the late Professor Wangari Maathai passion and achievements in the conservation of the environment.  President pays tribute to Wangari Mathai as World Environment Day is marked. The...
KTDA to pay small holder tea farmers 649 million

KTDA gives farmers Kshs 649M in dividends from non-tea profits

The Kenya Tea Development Agency has released Kshs 649 million as dividends from profits made by its subsidiaries to be distributed to smallholder farmers affiliated to its managed factories for the financial year ending...

Senators question government’s preparedness in dealing with floods

The Senate has questioned the government's preparedness to prevent Kenyans from suffering as a result of vagaries brought about by changes in climate like floods and other disasters. The lethargic approach by the government...

Damage on Sasuma dam causes water shortage in Nairobi

Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company has announced areas that will continue to experience water shortage for the next one week. In a statement, the company said the shortage is due to the damage...

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