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Watch your Favourite KBC TV Shows. Comedy, Sports, Music, Drama, Kenyan Parliament Debates & Many more. Award Winning Shows Such as Angaza, Abled Differently, Stringed, Kenda Imani, Gear Up, Club 1 Extra, Kudzacha, Mahanjam, Grapevine, Worship Experience, Behind the Headlines, Praise Mix, Mkulima, The Rave, Vioja Mahakamani, Good Morning Kenya

Worship Experience

Worship Experience is a weekly 1 hour, musical programme that features international and local Gospel worship music.

Praise Mix

Praise Mix is a weekly 1 hour, musical programme that features international and local gospel praise music. Each programme includes the latest praise music that resonates with the youth such as Urban Gospel, Gospel...

Beyond the headlines

Beyond the headlines is a weekly 1-hour current affairs programme that focuses on topical issues that are of public interest. Each program being a free form expression of the latest current affairs news stories...

Charging Currents

Charging currents is a documentary set within the context of shedding light on different issues that are of socio-political and economic nature. The programme highlights emerging issues that are of concern and ways in...

Kenda Imani

Every Wednesday 7:30p.m. Kenda Imani is a story of hope. It's a continuous drama series based on Christian values. It is a mash twist pf satires among the Christian community that is geared towards strengthening...

The Rave

Every Wednesday, 10p.m. – 11:25p.m. The Rave is a viewer-driven reggae music show. The show is viewer driven and guided by two hosts, whom are most renowned in the reggae/ragga industry. The show also incorporates views from viewers...


Every Monday, 7:35p.m. Grapevine is a half–hour entertainment magazine show that showcases the entertainment events happening around the country. These include beauty pageants, international and local concerts, food, film, music and cultural festivals. The show...

Gear Up

Monday to Friday, 5:30a.m. – 6:00a.m. Gear Up is a program that aims to keep the viewer fit, healthy and happy through an active lifestyle. Gear Up incorporates a mix of easy to perform and...

Abled Differently

Abled Differently is a programme that highlights triumphs and tribulations of persons with disability. Facebook: Abled Differently Presenters: Jairus Ong'eta, Jane Theuri and Beatrice Nyokabi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63zQ5bMI0uY&list=PL_urrkOxjMnG0R7vryuE1hZfzYfiBi3se

Club 1 Xtra

Every Friday 4:15p.m. Club 1 Xtra is a live music video show. Facebook: kbcclub1xtra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZVa6MHwrbU&list=PL_urrkOxjMnGfAfYDJgUCWt7kcnysTUB5

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