5 beauty tips to help you keep your face flawless

True beauty might be skin-deep but it doesn’t hurt to give yourself a boost Beauty doesn’t have to be time-consuming or hard to do. Following these simple tips, you can have a flawless face in...
silk press

Everything you need to know about getting a silk press

Instead of getting your hair straightened with a blow dryer, why not opt for a silk press? What is a silk press? A silk press is a modern take on straightening afro hair. Instead of using...

What you need to know about face serums

Upgrade your skin regimen with a face serum. Just when you think you’ve got your face routine down to a T, you find out people are now using serums. It’s not very obvious what face...

Why everyone is going knotless

Knotless braids have become the new standard. Braiding your hair is the number one go-to protective hairstyle for black women worldwide. They are great for when you need a break from daily manipulation of hair,...

Create 5 outfits with one pair of jeans

Let’s be honest, we all have that one favourite pair of jeans Whether it's a blue pair of jeans or a black pair, ripped skinnies or just skinnies, we’ve got some amazing ideas of how...

How to remove gel nail polish from home

A Do It Yourself (DIY) guide to gel nail polish removal There's plenty to be said about the charms of gel nail polish; it takes longer to chip, it's glossy and it makes your nails...

Protective hairstyles for you this season

Protective hairstyles keep your hair secure and also help your hair grow It’s that time of the year again when the weather becomes unpredictable, sometimes, downright indecisive. It’s cold in the mornings, hot in the...

How to keep your makeup from running

Preserving your makeup while it’s on your face is not complex. Brown foundation smudges on your shirt, running mascara and smeared eyeliner are not a good look. Whenever you beat your face for the day...

10 women designers working in fashion

Fashion is the purest expression of art Fashion much like art is subjective; its beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder and its character is influenced by its creator/artist. Although never elevated to the status...

How to combat mask breakouts

Masks are unavoidable but face breakouts are not Masks, whether medical or cloth, have become part of our outfit when leaving the house. Which is part of how the Coronavirus has changed how we live...

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