Teen hackers targeted by the National Crime Agency

By Agencies Teenagers committing crimes online are being targeted by the National Crime Agency. The campaign aims to warn young people about the dangers of hacking and using online tools for cyber-attacks. The CyberChoices campaign comes after...

10 ways to make the wi-fi in your house/office more powerful

By Agencies.   The communications watchdog says wireless networks in homes and offices are often set up incorrectly or they're suffering from "interference" from electronics with wiring like baby monitors and things like microwaves. Ofcom has launched...

First Lady raises Ksh 4 million for Kenya Red Cross Disaster Fund

By PSCU First Lady Margaret Kenyatta Friday raised Kshs 4 million for the newly launched Kenya Red Cross Society Disaster Relief Fund, in record four minutes. The First Lady launched the fund Friday afternoon during the...

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