Lucky You

Lucky You by Nyashinski out and available for purchase

Nyashinski’s Lucky You album is finally out and here’s what to expect The album titled Lucky You is a 12-track album consisting of music solely from Nyashinski (no guest features). It features productions from Nyashinski...

Weird ways to remedy your hair loss

Some people may embrace the hair loss process while others will fight tooth and nail to stop it. For some people, the scariest thing about the ageing process is going through hair loss. There are...
Tik Tok

10 Tik Tok creatives to follow

Tik Tok where boredom dies Tik Tok has seen a rise in users since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and social distancing measures were put in place around the world. That’s understandable, considering how entertaining...

Naturalista basics

Natural hair is the term used to refer to our Afro-textured hair. In recent years, a more natural approach to taking care of your hair has been the wave. Women (and men) are more...
healthy relationships

How to sustain a healthy relationship

A healthy relationship is what all couples should strive for Written by Seips Mugambi; Edited by Nzula Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings. There are many forms of love but...

Ruth Matete’s husband has died

Ruth Matete's husband, BelovedJohn Apewajoye, has passed away Ruth Matete's husband, BelovedJohn Apewajoye has died. He succumbed to severe burns he sustained after an accidental gas explosion at their home at Greatwall Gardens, Athi-River. He...

20 family movies to watch this Easter

We’re all staying home this Easter, so might as well watch a movie as a family Easter 2020 has come during a pandemic, so we can't really go anywhere but we can make the most...

How to store your car properly

A pandemic means driving less or, for some, not using your car at all  At some point, we will beat COVID-19, and life will return to normal. In the meantime, if you are not using...
Nyashinski live

Kenyans react to Nyashinski live

Nyashinski live in concert, for all his fans who enjoyed it from the comfort of their homes Nyashinski, as promised, entertained Kenyans with a performance on his social media channels yesternight. The concert performance was a...

Tufilamu Pictures set to premiere 1988 film online

Tufilamu Pictures is set to officially release 1988, on YouTube, on Friday, 10th April. '1988' is a short film about the atrocities that happened in the infamous Nyayo Chambers.  It's a simulation of the late...

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