Beatrice Gatonye

Beatrice Gatonye is an award winning television journalist with over 8 years of experience in news casting and news reporting. As a journalist Beatrice covers human interest stories but is mainly tasked with live...

Regina Manyara Gitau

CAREER PROFILE I embarked on my career journey in 2005 by joining Daystar University, for a Bachelor of Arts, communication and psychology. Four years later, I got my first job as a television programs producer...

David Karanja

I am a Sports Editor/ Kiswahili Sports Anchor. l have been in this industry for over 8yrs and covered major events including the first ever world cross country in Kenya in 2007 in Mombasa,...

Victor Muyakane

Victor Muyakane is an award winning journalist and presenter with a penchant for creatively delivered insightful pieces. Away from work, Victor is a literature aficionado, naturalist and motorcycle enthusiast. Follow me on Twitter

Obrien Kimani

Business news

Isaac Lamoka

Isaac Lemoka ni mmoja wa watangazaji kinara wa habari katika runinga ya KBC. Ni mtangazaji wa Darubini ya Channel 1 saa moja usiku, na vile vile Dunia wiki Hii Jumamosi saa saba unusu mchana. Amehusika...

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