Women of the world

A documentary that covers women issue. Their struggles and victories , these women share their stories from Asia to Africa and Europe to the Americas with stories that will not only empower fellow women...

Beats of Love

A story full of romance, music and flavor. Ivan Cuero is a total ball of energy when he´s on stage. He carries the passion and the feeling awakened by music and love in his voice....

Jin Tai Lang

A rib cracking Chinese situational drama on air at 10:00pm every Monday with all matters love as two young lovers try to impress their parents, friends and neighbours and always seem to fail miserably


Laughter galore awaits you in CLASSMATE every Tuesday as from 7.30pm and Kenyans from across Kenya meet in a classroom and all ‘’ushamba’’ let loose. Have a rib cracking moment in the award winning...

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