Catholic bishop condemns Prof. Wajackoyah’s bhang crusade

Murang’a Catholic Bishop, James Maria Wainaina, has condemned Roots Party presidential aspirant, Prof. George Wajackoyah, over his plans to legalize bhang, should he ascend into power.

Speaking during Family Day celebrations at Kangari Parish, Sunday, Wainaina observed that leaders who are trying to legalize drugs among other social vices should be condemned and ignored for the sake of our future generation.

The cleric noted that the presidency needs a person of high integrity, who will protect members of the society from drugs abuse among other forms of addiction.

Bishop Wainaina said no leader should be seen to encourage an illegality. “Talking of legalizing bhang is not only wrong, but also overly unethical and we cannot allow it, since the vice has greatly affected our young people.

“Including such an absurdity in one’s manifesto is not only unwarranted, but also misleading. The country is currently battling drug abuse among young people and legalizing bhang, would further aggravate the situation.

“The family unit is being threatened by drug abuse leading to breakups, violence and even deaths at times, hence Prof. Wajackoyah’s proposal on bhang should not go unchallenged.

Bishop Wainaina specifically singled out the proposal to legalize marijuana and prostitution in the country, saying bhang is listed as illegal in the Narcotic, Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Control (Amendment) Bill 2020.

He, therefore, wondered why the relevant authorities were silent on the matter, instead of taking legal action against the concerned presidential aspirant.

“It is even unthinkable for a political party to nominate a candidate, purporting to vie for the highest office in the land, who talks of legalizing marijuana and prostitution,” decried Wainaina.

Rehabilitation for the addicted is a very expensive affair, while prostitution in whatever form leads to moral decadence, which is unacceptable in any sane society, added Wainaina.

Noting that the country has in the past built a religious foundation based on the fear of God, the cleric called on Kenyans to look beyond populism, especially during the current electioneering season and soberly reflect on the consequences of such possible policies.

“This nation must be protected. Such proposals would destroy what we have painstakingly nurtured over the decades and therefore must be challenged and rejected by all of us,” he averred.

Bishop Wainaina said the proposals portray a high level of depravity in our society that is now rearing its ugly head.

“To propose cultivation of marijuana for export as a solution to the economic problems facing our country is a misplaced idea,” he stated.

The bishop further said legalizing bhang would be an expressway for the influx of other hard drugs that are already a menace in many countries, calling on the authorities to take action against such misleading utterances.

Wainaina called upon Kenyans not to fall on traps of smooth-talking leaders who have no clear manifestos and who may in the long run, indulge the country into more complex problems.


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