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CDA backs key projects to unlock coast region economy


The Coast Development Authority (CDA) Board of Directors has stepped up efforts to complete income-generating projects to be self-sustaining.

The board wants to complete the modernization of Wananchi Resort and SPA located in Bofa, Kilfi County. The conference facility with a capacity of 400 people is 100pct complete, while the accommodation block of 43 rooms is 90pc complete.

“The facility is 98pc complete, the conference section is functional but the accommodation section is where we are supposed to finalize the furniture to start the business,” said Mohamed Keinan, CDA Managing Director .

The board also visited the Boji Integrated Fruit Processing Plant in Hola, Tana River County. The plant’s goal is to provide market linkage, create employment, and generate income for fruit farmers.

The integrated plant located on an expansive 100-acre land serves four counties of Tana River, Garissa, Lamu, and Kilifi.

The Ksh 7.5 million Integrated Fruit-Processing plant has a honey-processing component that can refine and package semi-refined honey for local consumption. The plant currently can crush 1,200 tons of mangoes per year.

“We are doing pulp mango production, we are also in the process of trying to install the pineapple line and because of the seasonality of these fruits sometimes we also run the water line,” he said.

He added that the primary purpose of the factory is value addition in line with the Kenya Kwanza Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA).

“We are supposed to support and give adequate employment to the communities around and stop any post-harvest loss for the farmers,” said Keinan.

CDA plans to establish a fruit seedlings nursery on the 100-acre land in line with the presidential directive on tree planting.

CDA Chairman Mzee Mwinyi Mzee said they are generating income from the two projects thus reducing pressure on the exchequer.

The Integrated Fruit Plant he said has reduced post-harvest losses as farmers are selling their mango harvest for the production of pulp. He said they will assist farmers to plant more mango trees in their farms for constant supply to the factory.

“This factory is for local mwananchi to make income and improve their livelihood,” he said.