Census: Preliminary results to be out in three months

The Kenya Integrated Household Budget Survey (KIHBS) results will be available six months after the close of the forthcoming census with the electronic data capture expected to expedite the process.

Acting Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yattani says a preliminary report will be released after 90 days with the paperless process guaranteeing data security.

As the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics moves away from conventional means of conducting the national census, the use of a mobile device to capture data will allow Kenyans to get the final results in 6 months.

“For the first time, the census data will be captured electronically through a mobile device (tablet). The data capture app has been designed and has in-built checks to ensure data quality,” said Yattani.

“This paperless process will further guarantee data security and timeliness of processing and release of results.”

The government saying it has already embarked on a process of creating awareness ahead of the census to address various concerns.

“Publicity and advocacy has been intensified from today. We are embarking on an intensive campaign to create awareness of the exercise. The purpose of the campaign is to minimize misconceptions about the various pertinent concerns by the members of the public regarding the census,” he said.

Some of the personal information individuals will be required to divulge include, sex, age, religion, marital status, ethnicity/nationality and migration status, fertility levels of females aged 12 years and above, information regarding persons with disability, academic levels, labor force particulars, information regarding ICT, agriculture and household conditions and amenities.

CS Ukur has however assured Kenyans of adequate security during the exercise, saying census officers will be accompanied by village elders or residents’ association leaders known to respective households.

“I further confirm that all necessary security arrangements have been completed. I wish to assure Kenyans that the security of all persons who will be visited during the census enumeration and for the enumeration personnel is fully guaranteed by the government.”

Ukur indicating that they have as well requested the government to declare 26th August a public holiday in a bid to facilitate smooth enumeration process.

“We have also requested the Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of to liaise with His Excellency the President to declare 26th August 2019 a public holiday to facilitate a smooth enumeration process,” he added.


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