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C&G sees growth in last mile e-mobility

Car and General Trading Kenya plans to scale assembly of Piaggio three wheeler vehicles in the country.

This follows the introduction of  Piaggio Ape three wheeler electric vehicles in the country.

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C&G Managing Director David Chesoni says the company currently assembles at least 15 units per day at its Mombasa and Thika bases.

“This product came in Completely Knocked Down form and it has been assembled in Mombasa at AVM Mombasa and KVM in Thika. From that perspective, I think we are in lign with tye government and policy to create opportunity for young people,” said Chesoni.

Currently the firm assembles at least 15 units daily of the electric three wheeler as it targets sales ofbat least 300 in the first year.

This comes as the push towards electric mobility gains traction in Kenya backed by the decision by the government to develop e-Mobility Policy.

The document is expected to guide Kenya in the transition to electric powered vehicles from carbon fuels as the country targets to cut greenhouse emissions by 32pc within the next six years.

Car and General Trading Kenya which is the local dealer of Piaggio vehicles says the electric three-wheelers which have been designed for commercial use are expected to help customers reduce their spending on fuel and maintenance.

“This aligns with Piaggio’s philosophy of providing path-breaking last-mile transport solutions. With low maintenance costs, warranty, advanced technology and long range, the FX Max range will definitely maximize the earnings of our customers, even as we lead Kenya’s three wheeler EV mission,” added Vijay Gidoomal, Group CEO of Car & General.

The Piaggio Ape E-City FX Max for the passenger segment comes with a range of 145kms on full charge while the Piaggio Ape E-Xtra FX Max for the cargo segment covers a range of 115km.

“Our talented team of engineers and R&D has designed the new Apé FX Max range to ensure optimum value for customers through better range, grade ability, and load-carrying capacity, as well as providing a competitive total cost of ownership,” noted Dhiraj Tripathi, Vice President for Exports and Electric Vehicles, Piaggio Vehicles.

The firm further plans to work with local battery swapping stations service providers to improve efficiency among users.

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